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Xlite100 Inspirtation

The idea for the Xlite100 popped up from the lack of safety on the road for cyclists. Combining our idea with technology we came up with one of the best gadgets made for cyclists. Your life is worth taking care of!

Auto Mode Magic


  • Waterproof
  • Ultralight Helmet - 38 g
  • USB Charging
  • Bright Rear Red light
  • 1 Charge can last for up to 20 hours

What you would get?

  • The Xlite100
  • USB charger
  • Seat post mount
  • Saddle mount with nylon cables

Easy To Use

  • Turning it on
  • USB charging
  • Auto or Manual

Easy To Install

  • Saddle Mount
  • Seat post Mount

Nylon Cables are given

Simply wrap the belt around the seat post with the best alignment satisfying your bike seat post.

When Technology meets cycling

Self-Adaptive Technology

In order to ensure the correct detection of braking motion, it is able to run the Self-Adaptive algorithm to avoid the effect of gravity force while cycling on a sloped road or a non-horizontal installation of light.

The Xlite100 Comes with a build-in accelerometer / high peformance MCU and powers by the three-level digital filter algorithm which ensure correct detecting a brake.

Smart Light Sensing

Automatically stops during day time and starts at night

Integrated with high sensitive ALS sensor

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