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Namazu`s Story

From the elegant silhouette of its industrial design to how this helmet manages impact energy, the Namazu helmet is unlike any helmet ever created and a true testament to performance innovation.

Light Feature


  • ANSI
  • CPSC
  • CP
  • MSDS


  • Waterproof
  • Made in EU
  • MIPS Technology
  • Ultralight Helmet - 268 g
  • EPS Material
  • Button Battery - Last up to 6 months
  • Rear Red Light - Stay safe & enjoy your ride.

Still Worried You Might Not Like It?

Still thinking you might get the wrong size or you might not like the helmet? We got you covered! 30 Day money back Guarantee.

Be Visible, Get Noticed, Stay Safe

" I found Namazu as one of the most comfortable helmet I`ve bought. I highly recommend Namazu considering it`s specs."
- Luke Andrews

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